Avatars in Virtual Booth and Metaverse

That is why Virtual Booth innovates Avatars in the direct immersion of its Virtual Booths, Showrooms, Virtual Events etc.

The complete interaction with the environment and the user experience.

What is an avatar? An avatar is a graphical representation used to identify a public profile. Avatars are usually real photos, cartoon style drawings, 3D or other graphics.

But, what does an avatar really bring to my booth?

As we have mentioned before, the opportunity to include avatars increases the level of user experience and "freedom" compared to one that does not have one. with respect to one that does not have one. The dynamism in the interaction of the avatars makes each booth different, even knowing that all Virtual Booths are unique. that all Virtual Booths are unique and unrepeatable.

Now, let's see some of the functionalities that each avatar can have in Virtual-Booth.

Direct interaction with your booth avatar and metrics.
Let's suppose we add an avatar (customer service) in your booth and implement an interaction system for the user to interaction system so that the user can contact, ask for information, a commercial appointment, etc. with your avatar. This is great, isn't it? interaction much more dynamic and intuitive that increases the quality of your service and marketing in the booth. We can even obtain very accurate data to know who is visiting your booth, their name, email, time of visit, intercommunication, etc.

Interactions between avatars or visitors.
What does this mean? We use a technology that allows the communication not only of your company avatar with the visitors, but also between visitors. visitors, but also between visitors. Being a dynamic and immersive source of the Stand that can be a point of access between your commercials (employees) with the visitors.

Free immersion inside your booth.
We have the opportunity that every user can and wants to move freely around the booth, so that the user experience is more immersive and real. With rotations, movement, zoom. 100% free. The Metaverse in your booth.

Privacy and exclusive secure use.
This service includes that each Avatar is registered legally and legitimately in your database, for an exclusive use of information and rights reserved in your brand. exclusive use of information and reserved rights in your brand.

In short, these are some of the points that Virtual-booth has started to implement in its Virtual Stands and others. However, we give the opportunity to each user that starts using Virtual-Booth to choose whether to implement avatars or not.

We would love for you to get started with your plan today, Click here!

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