Web 3.0 and Metaverse Web

Web 3.0 and Metaverse Web

In this post, we want to present you a simple and practical definition of Metaverse Web and its relationship with the Web 3.0, defining some points that this implies and what Virtual Booth can contribute to this concept.

First of all, we must know where the Internet "is" today. Data storage is the oil of the present and future. It is no secret that data, for businesses, is vital and essential. Today, that data is stored on servers. For For example, "Youtube" videos are stored on Google servers. Your passport data is stored on the servers of the State Services.

Blockchain technology, this concept, is very simple to define. It is simply a decentralized system that does not require systems controlled by a single entity or "source". by a single entity or "source". That means that all that data we mentioned before would not be deposited in a single would not be deposited in a single "entity", guaranteeing the security of the information and the inviolability of the data, reducing time of the data, reducing time and costs, among other benefits.

Interactivity and fusion of physical and virtual reality. 

Virtual Booth provides the user with interactive marketing capabilities for each company, with the for each company, with the integration of video calling, interactions with avatars, immersive interactions with voice, images, "gamification" and voice, images, "gamification", etc. This brings a new technology to every website, developing metaverse experiences. A direct jump to metaverse web.

If we currently contemplate the so called web's 2.0 (Twitter, Chrome, Drive, your own current web) have stagnated in interactions and functionality, being flat and somewhat boring. With too much obviousness that you're visiting a plain and simple website.

3D graphics.

Some websites try to blur the line between physical and digital. Highlighting the three-dimensional three-dimensional world. In a way, videogames already start with this advantage, being superlative in this aspect, but lacking interactions but lacking interactions with a business and marketing environment.

Unlike 2D, 3D graphics bring a new level of immersion not only in the immersion not only in video game applications, as we mentioned before, but also in other sectors such as real estate, real estate, marketing and marketing, in other sectors such as real estate, healthcare, e-commerce and more.

Concepts such as AI, NFT, Cryptocurrencies, etc. are other points that fall within the Web 3.0 system and that
Web 3.0 system and are worth investigating.

That said, if you want to start developing your Metaverse Web it is not necessary to have cryptocurrencies, decentralized database, NFT's, among others, NFT's. among others. You can start with a Virtual Booth, which adds value, communication and an ecosystem of the Metaverse, being an important step for the creation of your web 3.0.

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